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​​​​​​​Far​m Gate Sales Support Local Farmers

Feasting on farm fresh produce has never been more satisfying with a bountiful collection of farmgate stands located across Simcoe County. 

These farm-based enterprises provide a perfect opportunity for people to choose naturally-raised produce straight from the source. With many seasonal farmgate stands offering a 24-hour-a-day, safe shopping experience, a true farm-to-table experience is just around the corn​er! 

Buying fro
m farmgate stands is a wonderful way to support the local economy and treat yourself to ecological, nutritious, and delicious food. Fruits, vegetables, free-range eggs, whole chickens, lamb, delicious baked goods, maple syrup, raw honey and so many more products are available at farmgate stands and markets in Simcoe County.   

For producers, farmgate stands can be a great way to supply their customers all year round, from the comfort of their own farm. Because it's convenient for customers who can come when it fits their schedule, farmers can also attract drive-by traffic and gain new customers this way. 

Paul Maurice, a longtime farmer based in Tiny, explains the benefit that farmgate sales can bring to farmers: “The biggest benefit to offering farmgate sales is that producers can sell directly to their customers. They can market their own products and the consumer gets a fresher and more direct source for their product."

Christine Withrow-Draper, who runs a farmgate stand selling sunflower oil, garden vegetables, and sunflower seed for birds, adds: “In this market of mindful eating, people like to know and see where their food comes from. Having a stand provides them an opportunity to do this, as well as provide a forum to talk about food, exchange recipes and connect with their food chain in a natural way. "


Interested in exploring Simcoe County's fabulous farm gate offerings? ​Here are a few spots to get you started:

 Brown's Farm in Oro-Medonte

Brown's Farm is located in the village of Dalston in the Township of Oro-Medonte. This beloved farm has been in the family for over 150 years. In season sweet corn is picked fresh every day and in the fall, Brown's Farm operates a weekend Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Patch. Straw bales, corn stalks, gourds, and squash are also available here. Stop by their farmgate stand to see what's in season!


Bass Lake Farm in Oro-Medonte

This innovative farm has a robust Community Shared Agriculture program designed to empower the community to participate in the food they eat. Located on Bass Lake Side Road, they sell high quality plants, seeds, vegetables, mixed greens, herbs, edible flowers and much more.

Bass Lake Farms is known for their fresh weekly food boxes which to provide combinations of roots, greens, vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, salad mixes, sprouts and other wild farm foraged foods.

​Bass Lake Farms' popular Farm Gym program allows members to trade hands on help on the farm for fresh produce. Farm gym participants access healthy, outdoor physical activities, learn more about ecological food production and contribute more meaningfully to their local food economy and community.

Bass Lake Farms also offers edible guided garden tours on site. Keep an eye on their website for more details!


Century Stone Farm in Oro-Medonte

If you're looking for high-quality free-range chicken, lamb and eggs, Century Stone Farm is your next stop! This charming roadside self-serve market offers frozen naturally-raised chickens, free-range eggs and more.

Century Stone Farmer Michelle Stewart explains the benefits of operating a farm gate location: “We can offer 24-hour self-serve availability which is great when we are busy raising animals and the crops to feed them. We enjoy having customers come to our home and see how the animals are raised. This gives them the information they need to be sure what they are eating is ethically raised and healthy."


Dubeau Family Farm in Tiny​

This charming farm market stand sells a bounty of in-season produce such as Ontario vine tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, fresh garlic, garlic scapes, cucumbers, potatoes and pumpkins. They also sell homemade butter tarts, pies, banana loafs, date squares, brownies, preserves and more, all homemade from scratch! The Dubeau Family farmgate market is open every day in season.​

Fairhope Farm in Severn 

There's no question that free range chicken and pasture and hay fed beef have a premium quality and taste. At Fairhope Farm, chickens range freely in a small pasture and are given non-GMO feed without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

Fairhope Farm sells at local farmers markets and directly from their farm. For more information, or to call to schedule a pickup or delivery​ check out their facebook page or visit the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmers Market​.

The Farm Gate in Ramara   

Brechin is home to the Farm Gate where you'll find FarmGate Carvings, Harrington's Maple Syrup, Harrington's Sauerkraut and Meadowsweet Soap Works.  

​Every spring Bert and Lori Harrington make delicious maple syrup from their maple bush just west of Brechin.  A mixed market garden is planted for sumemr farmstand sales and local food partnerships.  In 2016, Bert and Lori began making fermented sauerkraut from their cabbage grown at their farm.  Bert creates unique chainsaw carvings of bears, and can do custom work on site.  Lori crafts unique artisan soaps in a variety of seasonal fragrances. Visit their facebook​ page for more information.  

More great Farm Gate locations: 

Bulbs of Fire​ - Tiny Township

Sunnidale Garlic - Clearview Township 

Owl Post - Clearview Township

Williams Farm - Tay Township