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Know before you go: Expert fisherman Wil Wegman’s tips for novice anglers Featured Image background gradient

Know before you go: Expert fisherman Wil Wegman’s tips for novice anglers


Know before you go: Expert fisherman Wil Wegman’s tips for novice anglers

First time anglers in Simcoe County are often surprised with the fishing here! You don’t have to head to the far North to catch the big one—one trip to Simcoe will have you planning return excursions again and again. With that said, there’s some homework to be done before you head to Simcoe! Here are a few simple tips from award-winning angler Wil Wegman that will help you prepare to catch the big one.

  • The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry manages fisheries across Ontario giving each region a distinct zone. Simcoe County lies in Fisheries Management Zone 16. You’ll need to head online to read the rules about the limits and seasons that will dictate how many fish and what types of fish you can catch during your trip.
  • Most of us between 18 and 65 years old need an Outdoor Card and a fishing license to legally fish in Ontario. Youth under 18 do not require a license. You can purchase a license online or at a physical location. Find out more about buying your license here.
  • You can take a Learn to Fish course that will give you the basics from what equipment you need to how to set up a fishing rod, which bait or lures to use, identifying species and understanding the regulations for your area. The Learn to Fish section of the website is a great place to start or you can attend a Learn to Fish event.
  • Should you eat your catch? That is undeniably one of the great things about fishing for sure! But anglers need to balance conservation with enjoyment and there are plenty of things to consider. The Guide to Eating Sportfish has some great recommendations about which fish are safe to eat, what size fish should be caught and released to support the fishery, how to avoid eating contaminated fish. Get all the info you need before putting your catch in the frying pan right here.

Pack your tackle box, do your homework and then head out for an unforgettable fishing experience in Simcoe County. Still need more information? The Simcoe County Fishing Guide provides handy information and maps on everything from local hotspots, to charters to shore fishing locations for the whole family to enjoy.