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Experience Barn Quilts of Simcoe County

The Simcoe County Barn Quilt Trail is a self-guided experience and provides a new approach to exploring the area by navigating between 156 quilt locations. It highlights the county’s many farm-based businesses and tell stories that are intrinsic to the rich fabric of Simcoe County.  But what is a barn quilt, exactly? Each quilt block is painted, not sewn, as many first think, on 8×8’ aluminum panels. Using aluminum ensures that the quilts will last. The panels are attached to a wood frame and lag bolted to the structure to make sure they stand the test of the gustiest of Georgian Bay breezes.

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Barn Quilts Activity Experiences

Purple and Blue Cow

Wandering Goose

Memere’s Double Card Trick

Forest Retreat Compass

Fat Rooster

Wallwin Family Crest

Log Cabin

Mother’s Choice

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Prefer a paper copy? Email with your mailing address and we will send you a copy,​ at no cost.

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