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Create Some Farm Experiences This Summer

Whether you are looking to get your boots dirty or just looking for that perfect Instagram photo op, you will find a farm right for you in Simcoe County.

Simcoe County is home to many agricultural communities, in all corners of our large region. Here you will find opportunities to connect with food and farmers, to better understand where your food comes from. From on-farm glamping experiences, to u-pick berry farms, farmgate sales, alcohol producers and 18 farmers’ markets – there is no shortage for all levels of comfort. Maple syrup is our first crop of the year, and in the summer months you will see large fields planted with corn, carrots and other produce. We are home to the Holland Marsh, which holds some of the most fertile soil in the country.

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the best way of sourcing fresh, local food



Farmgate sales are goods that are purchased directly from a farm, without added retail markup. This is the best way of sourcing fresh, local food. Many farms sell their products from stands at the end of their laneway or from their home. The most common items sold are seasonal produce, eggs and meat. Farmgate sales are also the best way to get to #KnowYourFarmer.



  • Simcoe County has over 1400 registered farms that employ more than 3300 people
  • There are 18 Farmers’ Markets in Simcoe County – and some run all year long
  • Maple syrup is considered the first crop of the year
  • Many farmers in Simcoe County raise “heritage” vegetables and animals, which werecommon 50 to 100 years ago, but aren’t used in modern large-scale food production
  • It’s estimated that every third bite of food that we eat relies on pollination
  • Milk produced from Canadian cows is 100% hormone and antibiotic free – look for a blue cow or maple leaf logo on your dairy products to ensure you’re buying Canadian dairy