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Locally Grown & Made in Simcoe County

Feasting on farm fresh produce has never been more satisfying with a bountiful collection of farmgate stands located across Simcoe County. 

These farm-based enterprises provide a perfect opportunity for people to choose naturally-raised produce straight from the source. With many seasonal farmgate stands offering a 24-hour-a-day, safe shopping experience, a true farm-to-table experience is just around the corn​er! 

Buying from farmgate stands is a wonderful way to support the local economy and treat yourself to ecological, nutritious, and delicious food. Fruits, vegetables, free-range eggs, whole chickens, lamb, delicious baked goods, maple syrup, raw honey and so many more products are available at farmgate stands and markets in Simcoe County.   

For producers, farmgate stands can be a great way to supply their customers all year round​, from the comfort of their own farm. Because it’s convenient for customers who can come when it fits their schedule, farmers can also attract drive-by traffic and gain new customers this way.

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