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The famous Simcoe County settler, D.A. Jones, was the first known commercial honey producer in the country and was considered the ‘Bee King of Canada’. In 1880, he was producing 70,000 pounds from 400 colonies and had an apiary foreman and several boys as assistants. Honeybees were not native to North America, and he was not content to capture wild bees, as had been the custom so he sought to improve his bees by importing pure breeding stock from Europe and the Middle East. In 1874, his village’s name was changed to ‘Beeton’ to honour the influence of D.A. Jones on the village’s development. His legacy continues today in the thriving apiculture industry of South Simcoe.

To celebrate the continued importance of apiculture in Beeton, the town hosts the Beeton Honey & Garden Festival every year on the Saturday following Victoria Day.


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Maple syrup is considered by many to be a farmer’s first crop of the year. There are several grades of maple syrup from extra light to dark. The lighter the colour, the more subtle its taste. Early maple syrup tends to be clearer and lighter in taste, but as the season progresses it becomes darker and takes on a more caramelized flavour. Just like any other gourmet food, the flavour and aroma of maple syrup can vary widely between producers depending on environmental elements. The reason for this is that the composition of the maple trees’ sap changes during the season, over the years, and varies from region to region. Like a fine wine, each farm’s syrup will have its own bouquet.

In Simcoe County the sugaring season, when the sap is generally collected from sugar maple trees, starts around mid-February and can last to mid-April.

Some maple producers welcome visitors for farmgate sales or facility tours. On the first weekend of April, the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association hosts the provincial ‘Maple Weekend’ event, during which producers of all sizes open their doors to the public.

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